Healthy Breakfast Options | Pullman Brisbane King George Square


Published date: 01/07/2017
Nutritious healthy breakfast meal served at Pullman & Mercure Brisbane King George Square

Eating a healthy breakfast is one of the best things you can do for your diet. Studies show that a healthy breakfast kickstarts your metabolism and sets you up for good decisions throughout the day.

Most people don’t take the time for breakfast, or eat a very carb-heavy quick meal that wears off too soon. The best options for breakfast include fibre and protein, which have much more slow burning energy that lasts longer.

On a cold winter’s day, the last thing you want to do is drag yourself out of bed to make breakfast. These are some great options for a quick, delicious breakfast that will make you not want to hit snooze again.


Oats are one of the best options for breakfast. They’re easy, super versatile, and delicious. Rolled oats contain a ton of minerals such as manganese and copper, as well as several B vitamins, plus fibre and protein.

Adding the right mix-ins takes oatmeal to the next level. Nuts and berries are perfect additions to a bowl of oats for added nutrients. Adding a cup of blueberries provides a healthy source of antioxidants while nuts add healthy fat, which is another beneficial ingredient to a longer-lasting energy burn. Add flaxseed for some extra omega-3s, and season your bowl to taste any way you like by adding honey or different spices.

If you want to stay in your warm bed longer, you can make overnight oats by soaking them in milk. Hot oats/porridge are also the perfect breakfast to warm you up in winter.


No other food is more controversial, or more beneficial, than the humble egg. If you’ve been warned away from eggs because of their saturated fat or cholesterol content, relax. While eggs are higher in cholesterol than some things, studies have not linked dietary cholesterol to the elevation of cholesterol found in the body.

Eggs contain a huge number of essential nutrients for the body. They’re a healthy source of several B vitamins, which are good for energy, as well as quite a few helpful micronutrients such as choline. This is a not-often-talked about nutrient that is important for the nervous system and forming DNA.

Like oats, eggs are very versatile. You can have them any way you like, from scrambled to over easy to boiled. An omelette is a great way to eat your eggs as well as get a serving of vegetables too. If you’re watching your calories, you can opt for just egg whites instead of eating the yolk, as they are full of protein.

There’s nothing like getting out of bed when it’s cold outside to a fresh breakfast of hot eggs and sizzling bacon. Not only is it comforting, but it’s good for you too.


Yoghurt is another great breakfast option, and one that doesn’t even require any cooking. Plain yoghurt contains probiotics that we are just realising are very good for us, to keep the beneficial bacteria in our bodies balanced and our digestive systems moving smoothly.

Yoghurt is high in calcium as well as several B vitamins and protein. The amount of protein can vary based on the type of yoghurt you eat, such as Greek yoghurt, which contains more protein than regular.

Sugar is one thing to look out for when choosing yoghurt. Premade flavoured yoghurt often comes with too much sugar, which can cause a sugar crash just when you don’t need it. Choose plain yoghurt and flavour it yourself with such things as honey, berries, granola or nuts.

Yoghurt is a great way to start your day when you wake up to see grey, chilly skies and don’t feel like cooking.


If you’re really in a rush, a smoothie is a great breakfast to take on the go, especially if you’re not ready to throw the covers off and experience the cold yet. They can be tailored to your individual taste and nutrient needs. Adding a handful of spinach can give you a vitamin boost while fruit keeps it tasting good. Add protein with things such as protein powder or Greek yoghurt, and you get your necessary fibre from the fruits and veggies you add.


Breakfast is the best way to start your day, and there is a lot to choose from. Making sure you eat breakfast is the best favour you can do for your body.